Through wellbeing courses, group programmes and one to one sessions, we help you talk, process your feelings, gain understanding, and acquire practical ways (strategies and life skills) to cope with difficult times, to resolve your issues or achieve resilience to thrive in your life from relationships to business and career. 

Group Therapy or Therapeutic Group: It helps you to resolve issues by offering you a safe group space that involves two or more people together instead of an individual one-on-one session. The therapist and your co-group members shall encourage you to share your private experiences and to learn an understanding of yourself better. It helps you to acquire coping strategies from the members and the therapist.

We Offer

Stress Control and Wellbeing Groups (CBT/Counselling Strategies).

General Group

Advanced Group

Executive Group

Self-Esteem Improvement Groups (CBT/Counselling Strategies)

Children/Boys’ Group

Children/Girls’ Group.

Women’s Group.

Women’s Executive Group.

Long Term Condition (LTC) Group: It uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based techniques and integrated approach to help improve your mood and reduce anxiety in relation to living with diabetes, cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular/heart and other physical health conditions.

Running to Improve Health Group: It helps to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, reduce stress hormones, and increase your happy hormones that help to repair your damaged immune system. It helps to improve your longevity and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other serious medical conditions.

Psychological Rehabilitation Group.  Fee is per week. 6 to 12 weeks suggested.


  • Injury psychological rehabilitation for people injured in vehicle accidents, accidents at work or sports injury.


  • Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR) for families injured due to false accusation of abuse or children misdiagnosed as abused/ un-abused.


  • Drug use psychological rehabilitation.


  • Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR) for families injured due to false accusation of abuse or parents misdiagnosed as unfit/fit parents.


  • Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR) for family reunification of children and parents separated due to fostering or other reasons.


  • Relapse Prevention/Maintaining Recovery.