why choose us


A Unique Touch

We use personnel from similar, close or different cultural or faith background to our service users and in a safe cultural, faith, social and professional environment.

• Highly competent professionals and support staff.

• Good experience in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and voluntary healthcare system.

• Socially friendly and honest people

• Excellent work ethics and registration with professional bodies.

High Successful Treatment/Intervention Outcomes.Examples:

• Re-admission/re-referral rate: 1 %

• 2016/2017: 98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported good recovery on IAPT questionnaires.

• 2015/2016: 95% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported good recovery on IAPT questionnaires.

• 2014: 192 issues treated. Successful recovery rates: 95 to 100% for 142 issues, 80 to 94% for 49 issues, and -50% for 1 issue. GAD-7, PHQ-9, and other questionnaires used.

Competitive Fees

We are a social enterprise with competitive fees and part of our income goes to community projects or to cover the cost of pro bono wellbeing services/products to families who cannot afford our fees. Legal aid available to eligible UK residents.

Doing The Right and Best Thing 100%

We and our partners strive to do the right and the best thing for our clients 100% each time to enable them to pick the right choices.

Our Fee Challenge

If you find a better and cheaper written fee quotation elsewhere for the same level of service/product by a professional at the same level of qualifications, skills, and experiences, we may negotiate a fair discount for you on our original fee.

Due Diligence

Before we offer a service or product to our clients, we ask ourselves if we ourselves and our families will be happy to use the same service or product. We cannot offer to other families what is not good for us.

Filling Gaps Left in 14,000 Hours Formal Education
On average an adult invested 14,000 hours in formal education. Only a  small part of this investment covers literacy in setting life goals, emotional, physical health, financial and legal wellbeing and the art of happy, resilient and safe living together in families. We can appreciate why only 5% of the population who made it to age 65, appear financially secured.   95% seems to be working as ‘back to work’ retirees or have to ask the state and relatives for money. And an unknown percentage also have less resilient life coping skills.

Complimentary Offers:

We  offer  free:

  • Awareness education on psychological, physical, financial and legal well-being to enable families to decide right choices of service rather than advice.
  • 10 to 15 minutes general consultation  (on some services) to explore your areas of needs and how best we may support you. This session is not for detailed discussions that require a specialist nature to go in-depth.
  • If we canceled one of your appointments, then you are entitled to one free appointment. This is fair because we charge you for unattended appointments.
  • If you completed the full course of an episode of your Counselling or therapy sessions with us, then you are entitled to at least one off free follow up session.

And If You Don’t Like to Pay Cash!
You may consider joining our Health Exchange Membership Programme where members may exchange health, business and  technical knowledge, skills, experiences
services or products without the need to pay money.

We Serve UK Families, But Also….
Apart from offering excellent wellbeing solutions to families in the UK and overseas, we also offer the same solutions to the African, Caribbean, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Asian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic speaking and the immigrant communities in the UK.

One Firm, One Mobile Wellbeing Plan
Families offered a chance to choose to address a specific or all aspects of their well-being (psychological, physical, financial or legal) under the coordination of one organization and one mobile/transferable care plan instead of multiple plans with multiple firms.

Your Personal Information

We consult and agree with you how your information may be used and shared. We uphold UK data protection laws.