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Trainee Managerial, Marketing or clinical Placements:

We shall consider applications from the final year of trainees on managerial, marketing, Clinical/ counseling psychology, psychotherapy, counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy courses.


Career Progression Opportunities:

The following career opportunities are available in Health City for professionals in clinical/counseling psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching, marketing, management, accounting/finance, etc.

  • Full Clinical or Management partner.
  • Executive Clinical or Managerial Director Partner.
  • Senior Clinical or Managerial Director Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Director Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Consultant Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Specialist Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Senior Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Junior Partner.
  • Clinical or Managerial Trainee Partner.

4.Employment Solution: We help families with job search or job creation skills and tools.

Extra Income, Career Growth or Business Opportunity?

Are you a family keen to acquire  £400 – £900 monthly part time with the chance of a bigger income if you put more efforts?  Or interested to own your own wellbeing business?

At Health City no one is held back from improving their wellbeing knowledge,  creating extra income part-time or full time by supporting other families with their well-being needs or creating a new unique service or product that addresses families’ well-being needs. You choose your hours to earn residual multiple income streams. You are supported to build a business in your interested area of family wellbeing and promote yourself to the top if you deserve it as there are unlimited positions at the top. We offer you a minimal cost for start-up, no limits for expansion,  good wellbeing mentors, socially lively professional and business team support.


You are invited to join or be part of our projects.

We place strong passion in research and development, partnering with some of the smartest researchers at  UK’s and overseas’ most prominent universities.  Health City and its associates have received multiple awards for excellence in solution design, usability, and practical outcomes.

Research and Audits

Our portfolio of research interests covers parenting, family resilience and happiness, abuse and neglect, cognitive behavioral therapy, family violence and conflicts, faith and cultural impacts on families. Research in:

  •  Cognitive Behavioural Politics,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Management, Cognitive Behavioural Leadership, Lean/Sigma Cost Saving etc.

Project Development & Improvement

  •  Lean/Sigma  Cost Saving Improvement
  • Project, Service & Organisational Needs Analysis.




Health Exchange Membership: Where members can exchange health, business, and technical knowledge, skills, experiences services or products without the need to pay money.

From £15/Hour Therapy, Consulting & Office Rooms:  Riverside buildings (London Bridge SE1 & Canary Wharf E14) the UK. Ideal for counselors, medical consultants, speech therapists, other therapists, and entrepreneurs.

Business Start-Up Hubs.

Where possible, we will offer or arrange affordable therapy, consulting or shared offices in World class buildings. These will be buildings with or around environmental river beauty and serenity from the birds and blue sky above. Our therapy and business office spaces will become start-up business hubs for new family entrepreneurs and back to work and apprentice families/parents exploring self-employment, who are not financially capable yet of affording descent offices. 

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