Danelle Devi-Hollenbeck, M.S, LMHC, HCPC & MBPsS

Counselling Psychologist. EMDR Trained and listed on EMDR UK and Ireland

Health City, Davenport House, 16 Pepper Street, Canary Wharf, London
E14 9RP. Tel: 0333 800 3006, 0333 789 0012. Email:


A female and a senior therapist in Health City. Consultant Counselling Psychologist specialising in trauma and couples issues.  She has worked as a consultant for various NHS trusts and acute psych wards.  Danelle is  EMDR Trained and has certification in the USA and UK.  Danelle uses various CBT modalities, specifically TF CBT. however, she specialises in EMDR to work through trauma using EMDR, EMD, Rtep and Gtep.  She also uses the Gottman Institute training for couples therapy.  Aside from trauma and couples, Ms. Hollenbeck treats anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and family problems.

Ms. Hollenbeck has plus 15 years working in the mental health and addiction field in the UK and USA with an emphasis on opioid addiction and treatment where she has completed research in this area.



I have a Bsc Honors in Substance Misuse Studies from the University of West London, and Msc with Honors from Kaplan University.  I am HCPC registered as a counselling psychologist.  I am also FDAP registered as  certified Alcohol and Drug Practitioner.  I am also licensed in the State of Florida as a licensed mental health counsellor, which means I am able to provide DSM 5 diagnosis, provide treatment, and care to clients in private practice, state, and private mental health agencies. I have EMDR 1 & 2 training, EMDR Rtep and Gtep training.  I have CBT certification, DBT, and SFT certification.

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