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7 May 2018: Press Release
June 23, 2020

Family Stories Behind the Door Magazine

With the rising concerns about family dysfunction and mental health problems, children being taken into government care and stressful conflicts in family relationships, Health City, a healthcare social enterprise based in London, United Kingdom is taking a practical families-led action to support families and their wellbeing. The Health City’s international magazine: ‘Family Stories Behind the Door’, is a universal voice for families to tell their raw stories of struggles and joyous moments that often take place behind the closed family door and to share solutions on how to improve the family wellbeing for the present and for the future.

People that brave the challenge of writing their family experiences can do so as anonymous contributors. They will briefly narrate how life was before the experience being written about and then cover the following: What event (s) led to the experience being written about? What was the experience itself? What thoughts came to their mind about themselves, other people and the world during the experience then and now as they are writing for the magazine? What feelings came to them during the experience then and now as they are writing for the magazine? What was the worst and best outcome from the experience? What they would have done differently (if any) if they are given the chance to time travel now to the past? What lessons or suggestions will they give other families and for the future generations of families?

A talking therapist will make comments on each or a group of articles and suggest possible additional solutions. The magazine will also carry professional articles that offer simple and easy to understand advice on psychological/emotional, physical health, financial and legal wellbeing for families. To allow maximum positive impact of the magazine on family wellbeing, it will be published only twice a year as a single complete magazine or as multiple stand-alone articles. The magazine will be published simultaneously in English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Swahili, Chinese, Japanese and other major languages.

The publisher Dr. Francis Selemo (clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural psychotherapist) is producing the magazine with the help of a specialist team that includes: Ms Elizabeth Kigozi (the magazine project manager and also a psychologist with interest in family wellbeing journalism); Dr. Raymond Galang (a psychiatrist); Dr. Vincent Magombe (a Journalist and University lecturer); a group of dedicated parents; and professionals from different career backgrounds.

To make a reservation at 30% discount rate for your historical first edition due for release 2021, to subscribe, to place family related services/products adverts or for enquiries, email Ms Elizabeth Kigozi, project manager:

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