• Panic attacks.
  • Social or public speaking anxiety.
  • Pain management.
  • Sport performance.
  • Driving anxiety.
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • Fatigue.
  • Child abuse/ neglect.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Depression or Low mood:
  • Feeling hopeless, lonely, sad, over or under sleeping, tiredness, low motivation or energy.
  • Stress and Anxiety:
  • Worrying about things too much? Feels overwhelmed? Panic, on edgy. Stressed out due to life’s multiple demands on you?
  • Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth:
  • Insecurity, less self-appreciation, putting self-down, low or no resilience. Lack of confidence.
  • Low/no life meaning and purpose or a sense of drift.
  • Indecision or procrastination.
  • Grief/bereavement and loss.
  • Avoidance or Phobia/Fear of:
  • Public speaking, driving. travelling, sickness, strangers, places, dating, sex, physical touch, difficult conversations, difficult people, death/dying, etc

Relationship Issues:

  • Not getting along with people?
  • Relationship conflicts, crisis, betrayals, jealousy, envy, breakups or the joy/spark of your marriage or relationship declining or gone
  • Anger, irritable mood, and challenging behaviors causing stress and distress around.
  • Personality:
  • Eating, weight, or body image issues.


      Are you in distress and struggling with a desire to hurt yourself?
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Mild schizophrenia.
  • Stress for exposure to own or someone’s stress:
  • Stress or distress with coping with someone’s health issue (carers, friends and families with carers’ stress) or for exposure to a crisis or a long-term activity/health condition.
  • Sex or Gender Issues:
  • Sexual difficulties causing distress and Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) identity issues.
  • School, occupational and business people’s wellbeing issues, and Employee Assisted Programmes (EAP):
  • Organisational, workplace and staff wellbeing:
  • Resilience and work-related stress/burnout or trauma (bullying, harassment, discrimination, neglect, safeguarding and grievance/formal proceedings, job satisfaction, work/life balance. Over or under working, work or academic performance anxiety, undervalued, being put/shut down. Occupational health referrals, Post-illness back to school or back to work interviews, phased return planning. Rehabilitative psychological skills training and reintegration into community, school or work life.
  • Cross-cultural or faith related wellbeing issues.
  • Physical pain or conditions:
  • Tension headaches, intensely fatigued and exhausted (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS), fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, backache, physical disability, auditory processing disorder, cognitive/memory problems, tinnitus, hyperacusis, cardiac conditions, eating disorders, gastrointestinal disorders/ IBS, HIV, musculoskeletal conditions, neurological disorders, oncology/cancer, etc.
  • Addictions, OCD or Lying:
  • Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours (OCD), gambling, alcohol, drugs, pornography, internet or sex, compulsive lying, etc.
  • Re-offending issues.

 Family issues:

  • Conflicts, domestic violence, and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
  • Emotional blocks for infertility
  • Parents and children in distress:
  • Family reunification after children returned from foster care. Child at risk of aggressive or behavioural disorders. Abusive or neglectful parenting, child abuse or neglect.
  • Difficulties in parenting.
  • Migrants, refugees and business men and women adjustment and transitional issues.
  • Trauma, abuse and PTSD:
  • Unpleasant symptoms after an accident or sports injury and war/disaster?
  • Emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, religious, political, physical, resource and other controls, and manipulation abuses
  • Emotional problems induced by financial (e.g. debt), housing or legal situations/needs.
  • Pregnancy related-occupational and psychological issues.
  • My problem not on this list, so I shall  provide you the details myself.
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