I know someone who will benefit from health city’s interventions, but they barely speak English. How can you assist them?

Health City offers services in almost any language because it’s practitioners speak and understand different languages. Health City also uses an interpreter if it cannot use a practitioner who speaks and understands the client’s language.

I have a private medical insurance, so why is that my employer has sent me to health city through a third party with many weeks of waiting to start Counselling or therapy? Why can’t I directly book an appointment with Health City?

If you have medical insurance, you can contact Health City for fast-tracked appointment booking. You don’t need a third party to help access our practitioners. Coming directly to Health City means quicker treatment and saves your employer the money spend on paying commission to third-party health care providers.

You can fill our online Booking form. If you require assistance with booking, or if you have a question, please contact:info@healthcity.org.uk or Phone 03338003006 or 03337890012.

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