Broken families and broken children

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June 21, 2020
7 May 2018: Press Release
June 23, 2020

Reverend Father Francis Lynch in his Sunday homily today said that in his about thirty years of visiting and ministering to young people in prisons, only one of the thousands of young people told him he was not from a broken family. He was preaching on the negative impacts of divorce on children and relationships. If only one young person was from a stable family, what happened to the remaining thousands of young people from broken families? Father Lynch is a Roman Catholic Priest, a military chaplain and the Parish Priest of St. Gertrude Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Southwark, UK.

The broken families Father Lynch was told by the young people were the divorce or separation of the parents. The trauma of parental divorce may trigger emotional and social problems for children, including a sense of guilt for contributing to or not doing enough to stop the divorce.
What should families and individuals do to prevent the breaking down of the vital unity that clues society and relationships together? Male and female relationships not based on solid foundations such as values of commitment, personal and financial responsibility, good traditions, a sound belief system or not seeking early counselling and mediation interventions are part contributors to the breaking family. Parents need to consider the best interest of their children in whatever form irrespective of their decision to work things out or to temporarily separate to seek solutions if someone’s life is in danger due to domestic violence.

For support with relationship difficulties, contact a faith leader or a counselling service local to you. Alternatively, you can seek Online support by contacting:

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