Through wellbeing courses, group programmes and one to one sessions, we help you talk, process your feelings, gain understanding, and acquire practical ways (strategies and life skills) to cope with difficult times, to resolve your issues or achieve resilience to thrive in your life from relationships to business and career.

Aftercare. It helps you to gradually get back into your regular life with a good support plan that enables you to put into practice and consolidate the skills and strategies you acquired during your primary intervention.   It’s an individualized care plan based on your specific needs and issues. It assists you to successfully journey through your lone recovery.  It’s to be implemented once your primary intervention is complete.  Finishing the primary intervention doesn’t mean you are cured so you can return fully to your former life, expecting to pick up fully where you left off and needs no more ongoing support. 

Based on your needs, it  may  include: ongoing spaced out therapy sessions;  a community peer support group time in a sober or recovering living community; mentoring by someone who was going through similar issues and recovered; vocational  assistance  to increase your opportunities for a job;  legal assistance;  safe accommodation; educational assistance; healthy interpersonal relationships;  enjoyable activities; ongoing monitoring of and management of  stress, lapse, and relapse.