Adhd, Autism & Dyslexia Assessment Service


Option 1: Discounted Fees for assessment. 

One psychologist  conducts  the psychological assessment and produce a summary letter of key clinical presentations, diagnosis and suggested treatment plan.


  How Delivered?      


Face to Face Remote Audio or Video Call Feedback- Phone  Online, Video or

Face to Face (Optional)

Report (Optional) Letter (Optional)
Dyslexia Assessment




£490 £450 £60 £ included £ N/A
Autism  or ADHD or both £390 £350 £60 £ included £ N/A


Option 2: Separate components of the assessment that contributes to the diagnosis 

One psychologist  conducts  a psychological assessment and produce a summary letter of key clinical presentations, diagnosis and suggested treatment plan:

  • If you want only a summary letter: £445
  • If you want a detailed report: plus £150 to the above fee of £445

One psychiatrist  conducts  a psychiatrist assessment and produce a detailed report of key clinical presentations, diagnosis and suggested treatment plan.

  • Fee: £650.

Option 3: Comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic assessment:

  • £870. VAT excluded.


Requires multi-disciplinary planning and sometimes, collaboration of employers, other professionals, family, and teachers. 

  • Fees for ADHD coaching: £400 block of 4 coaching sessions.
  • Fees for cognitive behavioural therapy: £100
  • Fees for ADHD ongoing care with a consultant psychiatrist:
  • Post-diagnosis first 28 days review appointment with 1- or 2-months prescription (if needed): £195
  • 1- or 2-months follow-up or review appointment with repeat prescription (if needed and if client stable and settled on medication): £205.
  • 2 months repeat prescription (if needed and if client stable and settled on medication) without follow-up or review appointment: £85.
  • 4-6 months subsequent follow-up or review SKYPE or face to face appointments with or without 2 months prescription (if needed): £190.
  • Royal Mail special delivery of prescriptions: £6.50.
  • Medications fee is not included above. Pharmacies may charge between £30 to £70 depending on the dose and type of medication.
  • Where there is a Shared Care Protocol and the client is stable on medication, the client’s GP can prescribe in Primary Care. Then private face to face, SKYPE or telephone review can be   3 or 4 months:  £190.


A Protocol is used to guide the assessment and it covers:

  1. Background screening questionnaires.
  2. Objective diagnostic questionnaires and psychometric tests, including Brown and Berkley scales, and QBtest (not used routinely, but if required, it is done clinic based and not Online). The QBtest is computerised and it assesses hyperactivity, attention and impulsivity and offers a baseline measure of functioning of the person being assessed and additional functioning information that will be useful for a potential diagnosis.
  3. One hour to an hour and a half Connors semi-structured Psychiatric or Psychological interview with and a comprehensive review of history and current functioning of the person being assessed, and, if practical, with a family member (or someone who has known them for a long time). The interview helps to review how things are at the present for the person being assessed and their background. The interview covers: medical history, mental health/psychiatric history, and details of their childhood.
  4. A detailed ADHD symptom review to determine if they are present at the moment and were also experienced in childhood. The review has questions that are similar to those in the Background questionnaires.
  5. Analysis of old school reports.
  6. The whole assessment is approximately three hours and then an additional five hours to review the background screening and diagnostic questionnaires and psychometric tests. And to analyse other information gathered and conduct further investigations if needed.
  7. The assessment may be undertaken in one session in one day or could be spread over a number of sessions over a number of days.
  8. A follow-up consultation with the Psychiatrist to discuss the diagnosis and agree on a treatment plan.
  9. A detailed report outlining diagnosis and recommendations or a summary letter outlining key clinical presentations, diagnosis and suggested treatment plan.


Assessments can be done face to face at our Canary Wharf or London Bridge Clinic or at one of our Partner’s clinics in central London or online via Skype.

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