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We offer a number of ways to help you pay for your services with Health City:

1.1 Self-Funding Clients:

(a) Bank transfer is our preferred payment method:

Bank HSBC, Sort Code: 40 07 04,    Account number:71828835. Account name: Enaikidigha Trade & Investments Ltd (trading as Health City).

Payment reference: Your initials, surname, and date you received the service e.g. J.Kane23/06/16.

(b)    Paying by Direct Debit: Clients can set up a direct debit payment using their bank.

(c)     Paying with debit, credit card, bank or making payments involving international currency conversion: Clients can pay via Paypal, Go Cardless or their bank. They may charge you a small fee, which is in addition to the full fee you are paying Health City. Please check with your card issuer or bank before making a payment.

1.2   Funding by Insurance or Organisation:

(a)     Therapy, Counselling and Wellbeing Services can be paid via corporate organizations or all health insurance firms including Standard Life, Cigna, AVIVA, AXA PPP, BUPA International, PruHealth.

Note: BUPA UK is only accepted by some of our therapists. AXA PPP clients need a psychiatric referral first.



2.1 Payments for services are in advance. This can be via any of the payment options offered by Health City. A receipt will be emailed to you.

2.2   Cancellation policy:

(a) Therapy, Counselling or Wellbeing Service: Evidence is that regular attendance helps with recovery, so to motivate attendance, the full fee will be paid for missed or canceled sessions even with advance notice. Also, another client would have benefited from the missed or canceled session.

(b) Other Services: Services booked cannot be canceled, but must be paid in full whether used or not. Money is not refundable except Health City (HC) fails to deliver or provide an alternative when it (HC) could not offer the original service promised.

2.3   Prices/Fees: 

(a) Prices can be changed anytime without notice: This shall not affect Bookings previously submitted.

(b) Fees paid Online during Booking cover:

  1. Face to Face appointments where the client comes to the Health City’s personnel at Canary Wharf UK, London Bridge UK or another venue (the UK or overseas) where the Health City’s personnel is based.
  2. Services received Online or via Email, Phone, Text Messaging, Postal Letter or Fax.
  3. Services received in English language or in a language spoken by the Health City’s personnel.
  4. The client doesn’t mind their full identity known to the Health City’s personnel.
  5. The client wants a Health City’s personnel who is of a specific gender or who is aware of a specific faith or culture. Note: Subject to availability.
  6. A session of any service is 50 minutes. Consultation requires a double session (so the client pays for 2 sessions).

(c) Fees Paid Online during Booking do not cover extra resource required by a client.

The extra resources will incur a negotiated additional fee to reflect the Health City’s personnel’s extra resource used by the client. You should complete the Online Booking with payment as normal and then contact Health City to negotiate the cost of the extra resource. If you and Health City can’t reach an agreeable cost for the extra resource, then Health City will cancel your booking with a full refund of the fee you paid during the booking).

The following are  examples of extra resources:

  1. Travel expenses and time away from the clinic: Face to Face appointments or services where the Health City’s personnel is required to use a public or a private transport to visit the client’s home, school, office or other agreed venue within London, Outside London, or Overseas.
  2. Interpreter’s fee: Services received in a language that requires an interpreter (including sign language).
  3. Identity protection fee:  The client wants their identity protected from the Health City’s personnel but not from Health City.
  4. Extra time fee: Family Therapy and Exposure Behavioural Programmes are likely to last more than one hour at times.
  5. Extra fee: Any other preference the client wants Health City to consider that may require extra resource.

 2.4 Late payments: Please note that late payment fee of five percent (5%) and the full VAT of the amount owed (and the late payment fee) will be applied to your invoice on a weekly basis if payment is not received by the due date. The ONLY time the late payment fee can be waived is if you contact us before the due date to give us an agreeable (to us) reason for exception and extension of the due date.

2.5 UK VAT: VAT charged from 01/01/2015 for VAT chargeable services as HC becomes VAT registered.


3.0   WAITING ROOMS: Please note that the waiting rooms in some of our offices or clinics are closed evenings and weekends, so clients will be asked to meet their Counsellors or therapists service deliverer (e.g. therapist) at the exact appointment time.



4.1 I agreed to refer myself to Health City. I agreed that Health City shall contact me for appointment, assessment and service provision.

4.2 I agreed that even if I refused for information to be shared with my GP/Family or Private Medical

Doctor  (Health City respects your decision and privacy) it is my GP/Family or Private Medical Doctor (and not Health City) who holds the medical responsibility for my medications and healthcare.


5.0   SHARING INFORMATION: I agreed for my information to be confidentially shared within Health City for the purpose of providing me a better care as well as Health City’s supervision and training.



6.1   I agreed that Health City is not an emergency service, so its email, telephone, personnel, and service are not to be used in an emergency.

6.2   If I am in distress and worried about the immediate risk of harm to myself or others, I will go to or contact my nearest Accident & Emergency service.

6.3   If  I am not at immediate risk but in distress and like to have support and advice, I will contact my GP/Family or Private Medical Doctor.

 People in the UK can contact: Alcoholics Anonymous – 0845 769 7555. Website: http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/; Carers support – 0808 808 7777. Website: http://www.carersuk.org.  Citizens Advice Bureau – 01392 425 517. Website: http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/.  Cruse Bereavement Care – Website: http://www.cruse.org.uk.  Samaritans – 08457 90 90 90. Website: http://www.samaritans.org/.  Rape Crisis England and Wales. 0808 802 9999. Website: http://www.rapecrisis.org.uk.


Health City is not responsible and reliable for the contents of external websites. 

http://moodgym.anu.edu.au – Free online self-help course.

www.cci.health.wa.gov.au  – Free self-help workbooks for emotional or mental health problems.

www.livinglifetothefull.com – Free online life skills course working.

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