Through wellbeing courses, group programmes and one to one sessions, we help you talk, process your feelings, gain understanding, and acquire practical ways (strategies and life skills) to cope with difficult times, to resolve your issues or achieve resilience to thrive in your life from relationships to business and career.

Workplace mental health help:

Improved employees’ wellbeing means good business outcomes.

From anxiety and depression in the workplace to crisis management, we are here to help. As clinicians in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and also in Private Practice, we are best suited than third parties’ contracting EAP Providers to care for the mental well-being of your employees. We help your business to be at its best by offering your staff early intervention to prevent or reduce small issues at work or at home that may be impacting on their performance becoming sick absence and high production costs.

Don’t ignore the research findings at the peril of your staff and organizations:

  • 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem (Mental Health Foundation, 2015).
  • Estimated £70 billion annual lost due to workplace mental health issues (OECD research 2014).


What we offer?

  • Unlimited telephone support: Qualified counsellors offer immediate practical advice and wellbeing support, as soon as, your employees start to experience a difficult situation.
  • Employee Counselling and therapy

Group Programmes

Psychological consultation: By qualified psychologists to offer an insight or a solution to a clinical or management issue.


Online portal: 24/7 online access to self-help resources (fact sheets,  articles, and videos).

Discounted psychological and counseling assessments:

Self-paying employees receive a 15% reduction in the assessment and treatment fees.

Fast Track Appointments for your employees to start receiving help from our fee-approved clinicians.

How it works?

To discuss mental health support for your employees, contact us

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