1. Four simple steps to booking Our Services. Step a: Choose from the very competitive and affordable FEES/PRICING list. Step b:  Complete the BOOKING FORM. Step c: Make PAYMENT if you have not already paid when you submitted the Booking Form. Step d: Sit back and wait  to be contacted within 24 hours or the same day (if you have requested for the same day service).  If any delay, we update you ASAP.
  2. We won’t offer you what isn’t good enough for our families.
  3. We guarantee that if your first session isn’t satisfactory, we shall replace your therapist and offer you one free session.
  4. We don’t judge you but respect your cultural, faith, and spiritual preferences and uniqueness brought to sessions.
  5. We employ pioneering  talking therapy/counselling to a new level by using neurobiological, neuropsychological and neuroaudiological research breakthroughs to help you  acquire (as part of  your sessions) additional coping strategies to improve your mood and longevity.
  6. Affordable prices from £15 to +£110.
  7. We deliver outcomes: 2015/2016 one of our therapists praised by a National HealthService’s (NHS) patients and managers. Estimated 95% of patients reported moderate to full recovery within 12 weeks of therapy.
  8. Your recovery is our joy: 192 specific issues treated by one of our therapists in 2014 indicated successful recovery rates of 95 to 100% for 142 issues, 80 to 94% for 49 issues, and -50% for 1 issue.
  9. We believe with right support people are capable of recovery even if a small step.
  10. We offer funded courses in emotional wellbeing.
  11. We have specialist interests and expertise in:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Abuse and neglect, trauma, addiction rehabilitation, eating disorders.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, accident injury, sports rehabilitation.
  • Staff wellbeing, difficulties faced by immigrants and business men and women.
  • Physical conditions and pain disorders- diabetes, phantom pain, fibromyalgia/complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), COPD/Cardiovascular problems; Cancer care.

 12. A team of multilingual and multi-trained professionals who offer specialist interest dedicated single or dual therapy model (s) and also holistic wellbeing service.


complete therapy leaflet 28.03.2016

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