Couples & Family Interventions


Families are most at increasing risk of conflicts, emotional stress or breaking up due to mental disorders or an emotional, physical health, financial or legal situation that ruptures the family.  Mental disorders are impacting on family/ relationship difficulties (Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2015) and on estimated 450 million people worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2001 & Mental health Foundation 2007).   Click to book.
Support for Parents with Abusive/Neglectful Parenting Styles In UK alone, 68,840 children are separated from their families and are in government care at estimated £2.5bn annual cost. And the key reason is abusive and neglectful parenting (Source: National Audit Office, 2014 Nov.  DfE, 2014 Nov).

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Parenting Awareness CourseCognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)-based parenting awareness course on integrated modern and traditional safer parenting and child protection law.

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  Culturally and Faith Sensitive AssessmentsCulturally and faith sensitive independent psychological and psychiatric assessments of parents’ and children psychological/ mental health needs.   Click to book.
 Family Psychological Education (FPE).  Click to book.


 Family Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy(F-CBT).

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Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR).Click to book.


Support for Families:

  • Reducing chances of children being taken into care.
  • In conflict or estranged. 
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Support for Parents:

  • Whose children at the risk of going into care.
  • Whose children already in care.
  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse.

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Support for Families:

  •  Reducing Chances of Children Leaving Home in Distress.
  • Estranged and in need of mediation/reunion.Click to book.
Support for Children:

  • At the risk of going into care.
  • Already in Care.
  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse

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Support for Families and Schools:

  •  In need of schools-families conflicts mediation.
Support for Professionals:

  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse while working with parents/children. Click to book.
 Support for Families:

  • In need of legal mediation or intervention.
  • In need of family para-legal skills training.
  • In need of non-legal family advocacy.
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 Support for Families:

  • In need of parenting support network.
  • In need of single parent-families reflection group.
  • In need of families’ social support network.
  • In need of stable families’ renewal programme.Click to book.
Volunteering for FamiliesWe will recruit unemployed parents and also retired people and offer them training before   placing them for work experience mentoring or job offers with our partnership organisations. Click to book.
CBT/Evidence Based Psychological Treatments/Coaching Course for Families.Click to book. Back to Work Scheme for FamiliesWe will skill and provide psychological support to families/parents who have been away from work and want to return to employment. We will partnership with the Job Centres to achieve this.Click to book.