Emotion-Driven Neuro-CBT for Shame, Low Self-Esteem and Depressed Mood: A Health City’s Workshop With Daniel Mirea


Emotion-Driven Neuro-CBT for Shame, Low Self-Esteem and Depressed Mood:

A Health City’s Workshop

With Daniel Mirea


Date: Saturday 6th August 2016, 9:30am to 4:00pm

Venue: Canary Wharf, London.

Price: £150 to include lunch.


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The Workshop

Low mood and low self-esteem can in fact be part of our normal development, however, when low self-esteem becomes a long-term problem, it can have a harmful effect on our mental health and our lives. It can lead to problems such as deeper states of depression and other anxiety disorders (such as eating disorders). You may also develop unhelpful habits, such as over-eating, smoking, or drinking too much, as a way of coping. According to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 4 individuals will experience some kind of mental health problem over the course of 12 months with mixed anxiety and depression being the most common disorders in UK.

Low self-esteem is a unique condition characterized by symptoms from both the depressive and the anxiety spectrum therefore, it requires a creative and comprehensive approach that undermines all these varied symptoms. CBT treatment protocols distinguish between depression from low self-esteem. Recent neuro-affective research has influenced the CBT treatment of low self-esteem and is constantly shaping therapists’ understanding of core emotions such shame and guilt and their role in the development and maintenance of characteorological problems and depressed mood. The CBT treatment protocol taught on this course brings together all recent research and proposes a transdiagnostic evidence-based modular approach that Daniel Mirea calls an Emotion-Driven Behavioural Therapy (EDBT).

What the workshop covers? A deeper understanding of core emotions such as shame or sadness and their contribution to the complex pathology of low self-esteem (LSE) – what are  different from clinical or severe depression. An overview of transdiagnostic approaches with a focus on EDBT of Shame and Low Self-Esteem. What are Emotion-Driven Behaviours? How low moods and low self-esteem associate with other disorders such as depression, social phobia or personality problems. Assessment and conceptualisation: the working model of low self-esteem highlighting factors that maintain this condition, such as social withdrawal, low mood, feelings of shame, common misinterpretations of social interactions and self-critical thinking. The modular EDBT treatment of low self-esteem: socialising people to the CBT model, psychological education, modifying and challenging dysfunctional assumptions and self-critical thinking. The creative use of behavioural and social experiments as well as imagery work or clinical hypnosis. Integrating different skills used in the treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders. The use of other more recent CBT approaches also known as third wave therapies such as mindfulness and acceptance, imagery, and relaxation.

What this course will do for you? The training covers a wide range of  topics from introductory through to advance. The combination of lecture, case studies (video/ audio analysis) and role plays significantly develops skills and knowledge  and techniques and provides an effective and cost efficient investment in your professional development.

This training will provide a CPD Certificate (6.5 hours) signed by the course trainer and Health City.

This training may also be used for personal development and growth.

Trainer: Daniel is a consultant cognitive behavioural (CBT) psychotherapist, a Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapist, an EMDR practitioner, and a senior lecturer/a CBT course leader with NSPC – Middlesex University and Regents University. He has a particular interest in integrating hypnosis with CBT in the context of trans-diagnostic approaches.

He has been working in mental health over 25 years. He has trained in all three waves of CBT, including Schema Therapy, Mindfulness and DBT. He is a Director of Talking Therapies, a Senior Therapist and a trainer at Health City.


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