An Integrated Psychological Approach to Managing Pain: A Health City’s Workshop With Kim Lyons


An Integrated Psychological Approach to Managing Pain:

A Health City’s Workshop

With Kim Lyons


Date: Saturday 13th August 2016, 9:30am to 4:00pm

Venue: Canary Wharf, London.

Price: £150 to include lunch.  £30 discount if booked 2 courses or introduced a friend who also booked. RSM, BPS, BACP, BACIP, NHS, BABCP, CHCC members and trainees/students get 20% discount* (Excludes any other discount advertised).

Call 0333 800 3006, 0333 789 0012 or book on this site.

The Workshop

There has been a long standing history in the UK of viewing physical and mental health conditions as two separate and distinct areas. In March 2016, The King Fund published ‘bringing together physical and mental health-a new frontier for integrated care, highlighting the need to use an integrated model of care using a more ‘whole person’ perspective. This training looks at supporting psychological therapists to develop the necessary skills to do so for clients who experience persistent pain

What the workshop covers?  Why use an integrated approach? How pain is processed in the brain? No brain no pain. How much pain you feel and how much unpleasant that pain feels can be separate things! Role of opiates, opioids and cortisol. Using an Integrated Assessment/Practising this approach. Collaborative planning.

What this course will do for you? The training covers a wide range topics from introductory through to advance. The combination of lecture, case studies (video/ audio analysis) and role plays significantly develops skills and knowledge and techniques and provides an effective and cost efficient investment in your professional development.

This training will provide a CPD Certificate (6.5 hours) signed by the course trainer and Health City.

This training may also be used for personal development and growth.

Trainer: Kim is a CBT psychotherapist accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP). She worked as a registered psychiatric nurse for over 25 years before completing her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training. She uses Mindfulness based modalities such as ACT, MBSR/MBCT, and MBT. As her undergraduate degree was human physiology she has developed a special interest in pain disorders such as phantom pain, fibromyalgia and complex/chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Kim currently works in Psychoprosthetic in a UK National Health Service.


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