Instruction to Reviewers of Partnership Candidates

Dear  xxx
I wonder if you may have  time to help review this candidate, who wishes to join Health City’s Partnership. The review  should be 30 minutes to 40 minutes and we are able to offer  you fifty (£50) pounds  per candidate’s review. We make payment within seven days on receiving your ‘not more than half page A4’ recommendations for the Partnership Level you picked or no Partnership Level and the rationale for your decision.We shall pay you within seven days  of receiving your recommendations. Reviews can be done within two weeks. If you are keen, do go ahead and if not, just let me know and delete the attachments.
See the  criteria document (or to be emailed to you separately) for matching candidates. Do have a look at the criteria for each Partnership Level  and match the candidate to the level you feel is most appropriate. If not suitable for any level, you can also recommend so. You may also request further documentations or request to speak briefly (no more than 10 to 15 minutes) to the candidate over the phone or skype to seek clarifications  should you feel it necessary, but it’s optional.
xxx’s case. See their attachments (or previously emailed to you). Also here are their contact details:
Mr/Miss/Dr/other title (specify)  xxx (Candiate’s names)
Mobile: xxxx Email: xxxx
Best regards
Health City