We deliver services  face to face, Skype, live chat, telephone, online, group, individual, at our                       venues or bespoke subject to your needs and location and our resources.


We are passionate about  holistic family and individual wellbeing, so some areas of my work include, but not limited to:

Free Practical Family Wellbeing Education to Bridge Vacuum in 14,000 Hours  Schooling. Click to book.

With our fully qualified and experienced advisors and experts partners, we offer free awareness courses to enable families have literacy in concepts, basic principles  and right information on how  to set life goals,  take charge of  and make the correct choices on and to look out for their emotional, physical health, money, employment,  income opportunity, business start-up and legal wellbeing of living happily and safely today and in the future. This literacy is rarely covered in the estimated average 14,000 hours of academic educational curricula.  A literate family is the best service user. We can appreciate why only 5% of the population who made it to age 65, appear financially secured.   95% seem to be working as ‘back to work’ retirees or have to ask the state and relatives for money. Some retirees end in nursing homes in a poor wellbeing state.  At Health City, we feel   ‘How to have a good wellbeing’ is not a complex maths.

 Practical Psychological Wellbeing Education

For emotional resilience and self-help techniques,  in particular to manage exhaustion from  a  crisis situation or a long term activity such as looking after a child with a life    threatening condition or involvement with child protection agencies. Click to book

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)-based parents’ awareness course on integrated modern and traditional safer parenting and child protection law.

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Practical Alternative Health Wellbeing Education

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Practical Physical Health Wellbeing Education

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Practical Financial Wellbeing Education

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Practical Legal Wellbeing Education

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Family Wellbeing Workers & Practitioners Training

 These courses help attendees acquire competences education to engage families, especially low and middle income market families. The workers and practitioners competences will include good psychological, physical health, financial and legal wellbeing awareness giving and facts gathering. They will help these families to assess their own general (non-specialist) wellbeing needs and make individualised wellbeing plans (non-specialist) for the future. They will help deliver psychosocial support to families and make referrals to specialist wellbeing advisers and experts. There is a need for holistic Family Wellbeing Workers & Practitioners. Example, according to Genistar firm, the UK used to have over 300,000 financial advisers/sellers. But the numbers dropped to estimated 93% low, with specialist advisers focusing on high income market/the wealthy.   Click to book.

Assessments and emotional healing and resilience with therapists from similar, close or different  cultural or faith background to  the service user. Click to book.

Emotional problems?

Drugs and alcohol, depression, anxiety, trauma, female genital mutilation (FGM),  chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), child abuse/ neglect, personality or eating disorder,  domestic violence, complex trauma and other difficulties. Click to book.


Psychological, CBT, cognitive/ neuropsychological, medico-legal, learning difficulties, personality, and psychiatric assessments.

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What support?

One to one, group, couple or family counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other specialist talking treatments. Psychological Coaching and Rehabilitation

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or its specialist variants

CBT is a talking treatment that helps to change ‘unhelpful patterns’ of beliefs, thinking, feelings and behaviours.    Click to book.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for:

  • Depression, anxiety, trauma etc
  • Pain management
  • Public speaking anxiety
  • Sport performance.
  • Driving anxiety.

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Family Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (F-CBT) for:

  • Children abused/neglected
  • Families in conflict or estranged
  • Children at risk of aggressive or behavioural problems.
  • Abusive and neglectful parenting styles with or without addiction, personality or complex trauma issues.   Click to book.
  • Cognitive behavioural mindfulness
  • Cognitive behavioural counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural coaching
  • Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioural management
  • Cognitive behavioural leadership
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Adjustment Disorder Service

For people struggling with major life changes (e.g. coming abroad).

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Anonymous Self- Development Café

Where mindfulness cognitive behavioural therapy helps to relax, detox the mind and creative dreams born.  Click to book.

Psychological Rehabilitation
Injury psychological rehabilitation for people injured in vehicle accidents or accidents at work.   Click to book. Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR) for:

  • Families injured due to false accusation of abuse or parents misdiagnosed as unfit/fit parents.
  • Family reunification of children and parents separated due to fostering or other reasons.   Click to book.
Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR) for:

  • Families injured due to false accusation of abuse or children misdiagnosed as abused/ un-abused.
Discover your Psychological Insight

 Helps to create a Personal Psychological Profile for individual, family, team and organisational effectiveness.  Click to book.

Guilt and Shame Anonymous Wellbeing Café

 This is an anonymous wellbeing space for you to post your experiences and feelings. This space is for you if you feel you do not have a mental health difficulty and do not want to see a therapist. You like to anonymously write your experience/ feelings for catharsis or like to be confidentially signposted to a faith leader.

Terms and Conditions applies.

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Mentoring  and Career Advice

 Contact us if you require assistance to be supported with career choices, decisions and development as well as a life mentor. Priority is in the area of talking therapies careers, but only disciplines may be considered. 

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                                         FAMILY SERVICES
Families are most at increasing risk of conflicts, emotional stress or breaking up due to mental disorders or an emotional, physical health, financial or legal situation that ruptures the family.  Mental disorders are impacting on family/ relationship difficulties (Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2015) and on estimated 450 million people worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2001 & Mental health Foundation 2007).   Click to book.
Support for Parents with Abusive/Neglectful Parenting Styles

 In UK alone, 68,840 children are separated from their families and are in government care at estimated £2.5bn annual cost. And the key reason is abusive and neglectful parenting (Source: National Audit Office, 2014 Nov.  DfE, 2014 Nov).

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Parenting Awareness Course

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)-based parenting awareness course on integrated modern and traditional safer parenting and child protection law.

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  Culturally and Faith Sensitive Assessments

Culturally and faith sensitive independent psychological and psychiatric assessments of parents’ and children psychological/ mental health needs.   Click to book.

 Family Psychological Education (FPE).  

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 Family Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy


Read more.

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Family Cognitive-Behavioural Rehabilitation (F-CBR).

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Support for Families:

  • Reducing chances of children being taken into care.
  • In conflict or estranged. 
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Support for Parents:

  • Whose children at the risk of going into care.
  • Whose children already in care.
  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse.

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Support for Families:

  •  Reducing Chances of Children Leaving Home in Distress.
  • Estranged and in need of mediation/reunion.Click to book.
Support for Children:

  • At the risk of going into care.
  • Already in Care.
  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse

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Support for Families and Schools:

  •  In need of schools-families conflicts mediation.
Support for Professionals:

  • Abused or falsely accused of abuse while working with parents/children. Click to book.
 Support for Families:

  • In need of legal mediation or intervention.
  • In need of family para-legal skills training.
  • In need of non-legal family advocacy.
  • Click to book.
 Support for Families:

  • In need of parenting support network.
  • In need of single parent-families reflection group.
  • In need of families’ social support network.
  • In need of stable families’ renewal programme.Click to book.
Volunteering for Families

We will recruit unemployed parents and also retired people and offer them training before   placing them for work experience mentoring or job offers with our partnership organisations. Click to book.

CBT/Evidence Based Psychological Treatments/Coaching Course for Families.

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Back to Work Scheme for Families

We will skill and provide psychological support to families/parents who have been away from work and want to return to employment. We will partnership with the Job Centres to achieve this.Click to book.

Alternative Treatments

 To help alleviate the emotions and symptoms (e.g. pain, sleep anxiety’) that accompanies the diagnosis and treatment of some illnesses.Click to book.

Acupuncture  for Tension Headaches/

Chronic Low Back Pain.

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Overseas Patients’ Specialist Consultations & Referrals

We will facilitate overseas patients’ access to private healthcare in some of the best hospitals in the UK.Click to book.

Our partners are fully qualified advisors and experts with extensive knowledge to help families assess their employment, financial education, income opportunity, business start-up and insurance protection needs to enable them make informed choices.

                                                     Click to book.

Entrepreneurship Scheme for Families 

We aim to foster ‘innovation and provides entrepreneurship education and training for’ family members for fledgling small and medium family business enterprises.

                                     Click to book.

  Debt Management Solution.

We support families  with  Debt Management Programmes, IVAs or Bankruptcy. Families will be given a free overview of the family’s current financial status and financial education to enable them pick the best debt freedom plan.   Click to book.

Free Debt Management Plan (DMP)

 A written plan put together with you to assist you in deciding best debt freedom plan. You are not paying for the DMP  so all your monthly repayment goes to paying off your debts. Some firms charge +£60 set-up fee or a percentage for each of the first six monthly debt re-payments amount.Click to book.

Free Personalised Financial  Plan (PFP)

A report put together with you to assist you in deciding most relevant solutions for your family financial future. Some firms charge you £450 to £900. Click to book.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement(IVA) for Debt Management 

Incurs standard fees but with our partners you will not pay anything until you enter into a solution.Click to book.

Employment Solution

We help families with job search or job creation skills and tools.Click to book.


Are you  a family  keen to acquire  £400 – £900 monthly  part time with the chance of a bigger income if you put more efforts?  Or  interested to own your own wellbeing business?

At Health City no one is held back from improving their wellbeing knowledge,  creating extra income part-time or full time by supporting  other families with their wellbeing needs or creating a new unique service or product that addresses families’ wellbeing needs. You choose your hours to earn  residual multiple income streams. You are supported to build a business in your interested  area of family wellbeing  and promote yourself to the top if you deserve it as there are  unlimited positions at the top. We  offer  you  minimal cost for start-up, no limits for expansion,  good wellbeing mentors, socially lively professional and business   team support.   Click to book.

UK Financial Claims Management

To recover families’ well-deserved money back from miss-sold packaged bank accounts and PPI products.

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Building, Contents and Legal Protection

Insurance products to protect the family home, valuable belongings and unexpected legal expenses at fair cost without overcharged.  Click to book.

Mortgage Product

From leading mortgage networks that offers exclusive rates which we enables us to hand the savings to families.  Click to book.

Life and Serious Illness Protection

Insurance product to protect against the risks to the family’s main source of income (breadwinner’s finances).  We all hope for old age so we completely agree  with families that it is uncomfortable to think about falling sick with a serious health condition or   leaving this  world and our beloved ones through death. Yet  the unthinkable sometimes do occur , so it is a good step to have an insurance  policy to protect us  and our families.  We are here  to help.  Click to book.

Our partners are fully qualified advisors and experts with extensive knowledge to help families assess their legal education and legal protection needs  to enable them  make informed choices.  Click to book.
Family Legal Mediation or  Intervention.   Click to book.  Legal Trusts, Wills & Protection

 Most families do not have any legal protection in place in the event of any need for legal action to protect their values, children, themselves or their family business. It is  said only few families in UK (30%) can boast of  legally valid Trusts or Wills and if available,  are out dated  so require a review and updating. Click to book.

Family Advocacy.    Click to book.
Family Para-Legal Skills Training.  Click to book.
 Support for Professionals

  • Supervised CBT Training.
  • Clinical Placement.
  • Thesis Supervision Service.
  • Thesis External Examiner Service.
  • Private Practice or Business Entrepreneurial Mentorship.
  • Supervision and Accreditation Support to be Registered with and Accredited by a UK Professional Body.
  • Career/Jobs, Insurance Cover and Financial Education Awareness in UK for Psychologists, Talking Therapists, Psychiatrists, Alternative Therapists, etc. Click to book.
 Clinical  Supervision

 Clinical supervision for recovery/mental health workers and talking therapists to: address clinical cases, enhance existing skills, debrief and manage emotional impacts of clinical work done, improve resilience  and positive clinical environment, or address specific clinical needs/issues a manager wants his/her workers to be supported with.   

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Therapeutic Courses

  •  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Talking Therapies Essentials.
  • Family Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Spirituality

   Click to book.

 CBT/Evidence Based Psychological Treatments/Coaching Course for Families or Professionals

 5 days 30 CPD hours of CBT, EMDR, mindfulness, neurology etc. tools needed to understand, support and work with people psychologically.

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Therapeutic Courses               Click to book.

  •  Cognitive Behavioural Theology
  • Cognitive Behavioural  Medicine
  • Cognitive Behavioural  Nursing
  • Community  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Music Therapy.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Rehabilitation.
  • Cognitive Behavioural  Drama Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Psychopathology/Psychological Disorders
Financial, Legal & Management Courses. Click to book.

  • Free practical psychological, physical health, financial & legal wellbeing education.
  • Family Business Start-Up Training.
  • Family Para-Legal Skills Training.
  • Transformational Leadership/ Management Essentials.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Politics.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Philosophy.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Management
  • Cognitive Behavioural Leadership
We place strong  passion in research and development, partnering with some of the smartest researchers at  UK’s and overseas’ most prominent universities.  Health City and its associates have received multiple awards for excellence in solution design, usability and practical outcomes. Click to book.
Research and Audits

 Our portfolio of research interests covers parenting, family resilience and happiness, abuse and neglect, cognitive behavioural therapy, family violence and conflicts, faith and cultural impacts on families.

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 Project Development & Improvement

  •  Lean/Sigma  Cost Saving Improvement
  • Project, Service & Organisational Needs Analysis.


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  Research in:

  •  Cognitive Behavioural Politics,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Management, Cognitive Behavioural Leadership, Lean/Sigma Cost Saving etc. Click to book.

 For professionals to  get published. Only articles relevant to family wellbeing.

  Click to read

Family Wellbeing Research And Therapy- A Peer Reviewed Journal.

  For professionals and families to read, contribute or get published.   Click to read

‘I’m Alive’ Family Stories Magazine, Book and App Series

  • Adult Series for adults to use contribute or get published.

               Click to read

  • Children Series for children to use contribute or get published.
  • Young People Series for young people to use contribute or get published. 

‘Me-Too-Bullied’ Forum

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For the public to publish and share local, national and global ideas related to and relevant to families and wellbeing.

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Family Film Series

 For children, young people, and family adults to watch or contribute to.  Click to watch/read

Family Wellbeing Annual Conference 

International event to review, promote and exhibit family wellbeing arts, research, and resources.  Click to read

Family Wellbeing Resources & Products. 
 Health Exchange Membership

Where members can exchange health, business and technical knowledge, skills, experiences services or products without the need to pay money.

From £10.50/Hour Therapy, Consulting & Office Rooms

 Riverside buildings (London Bridge SE1 & Canary Wharf E14) UK. Ideal for counsellors, medical consultants, speech therapists, other therapists, and entrepreneurs.

Business Start-Up Hubs.

Where possible, we will offer or arrange affordable therapy, consulting or shared offices in World class buildings. These will be buildings with or around environmental river beauty and serenity from the birds and blue sky above. Our therapy and business office spaces will become start-up business hubs for new family entrepreneurs and back to work and apprentice families/parents exploring self-employment, who are not financially capable yet of affording descent offices. 

In partnership with our established business associates, consultants, trainers and financiers, we educate and work together with the family to enable them decide the right choices of  service type and level rather than advice, by involving the family in the facts gathering and wellbeing care planning process and providing the services  most appropriate for the family. 
Partnership Opportunities

 If you are interested in collaborating with us, do contact us.