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short-courses-booking-form Applying for a workshop  You can apply by: Direct booking on our website. (a) You go to the end of the workshop advertised and click ‘Add to Basket’ and complete the instructions that follow and later email the register information to: Alternatively, (b) You can download the Workshop Booking Form, complete it and email[…]

The Relationship Between the Assessment Process and Case Formulations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies by Daniel Mirea, Consultant CBT Therapist

Abstract This paper takes an in depth look at the relationship between the assessment process and case formulation in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) but not without explaining the context of CBT in the current psychotherapeutic environment. The principle aims of the assessment process is to agree with the client on a list of problems, to[…]

Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Counselling and Psychotherapy   BOOK NOW Do you need help in dealing with or overcoming emotional or mental difficulties? BOOK NOW We offer Counselling and Psychotherapy for:  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks Social  or public speaking anxiety, phobias, personality disorders, Eatingdisorders, substance abuse, Sleep complex trauma, childhood trauma and Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Obsessive compulsive disorder[…]

Complementary Therapy

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES BOOK NOW ‘These therapies are designed to complement your medical care – and don’t replace your treatment’. (Acknowledged: The Christie NHS Foundation)   Do you need help to alleviate the emotions and symptoms that often accompany physical and mental health conditions such as cancer, back pain etc.? Patients have reported that some treatments[…]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Services

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY SERVICE BOOK NOW  A talking treatment that helps to change unhelpful beliefs, thinking, feelings and behaviours.  Do you need help in dealing with or overcoming emotional or mental difficulties? BOOK NOW Sessions Sessions are face to face, telephone, or video/Skype and 50 minutes.  If a particular treatment is not mentioned below please contact[…]