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Health City is a Healthcare Social Enterprise and Our Mission is to help Families attain Psychological, Physical, Financial and Legal wellbeing to stay happily and safely.

  • We offer help for emotional problems, abusive/neglectful parenting, family conflicts
  • We offer cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, coaching, and rehabilitation.
  • We offer holistic wellbeing that includes family legal protection, Trusts and Wills. Family debt management, Financial claims, Extra income.
  • We offer supervision and accreditation support

Health City, Davenport House
16 Pepper Street
Glengall Bridge
Canary Wharf
London E14 9RP
United Kingdom
Telephone:  03338003006  (mobile friendly), 07575886635, 03337890012

Website: www.healthcity.org.uk

Health City is trading name for Enaikidigha Trade & Investment Ltd (UK registered
No: 06222197, VAT No:195426579)


Since 2007 Health  City and its associates have helped thousands of people get their lives on the road to psychological, physical, financial and legal freedom. We achieved this with direct work with individual clients and also through corporate  client brands.


Individually and collectively we have come a long way helping families but it seems we have just started.
Since 2007 Health  City and its associates have helped thousands of people get their lives on the road to psychological, physical, financial and legal freedom. However, we have barely scratched the surface of wellbeing. Read more (Our Vision Page for ‘Why positive change and safe family vision?)

We create impacts for  service users coming to us directly or  through corporate  client brands. View list

Health City and its associates have received multiple awards for excellence in solution design, usability and practical outcomes. Click to see list.


Wellbeing wealth saved

As part of sustaining wellbeing, Health City and its partners are happy to see families using wellbeing education tools  to become wiser with their  emotional and physical health  resilience,  legal protection and  hard earned  money.  We help families create new or sustain existing sources of financial wellbeing wealth and also to obtain millions of  cash from  reclaimed  money on miss-sold PPI and packaged bank accounts  and to save money on mortgages, home and life insurance.



Family Wellbeing Anual Conference

International event to review, promote and exhibit family wellbeing arts, research, and resources.


Health City is a healthcare social enterprise and our mission is to help families who are open to ‘positive change’ to attain wellbeing to stay happily and safely.


Our goal by 2025 is to help 50,000 families and grow our personnel team to 5,000. Parents and children who benefit from our  vision or are already  living it out  are  less likely to be abusive and neglectful towards one another, thereby will or are enjoying good wellbeing individually and as a safe family.


Individually and collectively we have come a long way helping families but it seems we have just started to barely scratch the surface of wellbeing. Families are most at increasing risk of conflicts, emotional stress or breaking up due to mental disorders or an emotional, physical health, financial or legal situation that ruptures or threatens their personal and family happiness, peace and safety.

In UK alone, 68,840 children are separated from their families and are in government care at estimated £2.5bn annual cost. And the key reason is abusive and neglectful parenting (Source: National Audit Office, 2014 Nov.  DfE, 2014 Nov). Mental disorders is impacting   individuals and people around them with a cause and a consequence:  on family/ relationship difficulties (Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2015); on 1 in 4 British adults (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001) and on estimated 450 million people worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2001 & Mental health Foundation 2007).

Preventive and Self-Management Skills

We believe that when families acquire preventive and self-management talking therapies and associated health (e.g. complementary therapy, physiotherapy, physical health awareness) skills then they will:
§  Experience less health problems especially emotional issues. Individual, family and community lives are likely to blossom. The child is less likely to be the adult psychiatry patient or physically sickly staff of tomorrow. The future health professionals have to focus on strength based rather than problem based healthcare for the welling of families.


Health City and its associates have worked with many individuals and a broad range of families, businesses and organizations over the years; from large academic institutions, to grass roots small businesses. Hundreds of clients are subscribed to our mailing list and we expect the numbers to increase to the thousands as we launch our redesigned website, blogging and marketing online resources.

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Early Interventions and Specialist Healthcare

We believe that early interventions and specialist health care will yield better and quicker recovery from health problems. From the first session with our professionals, clients should be offered thorough care plan with clear exit goal and long term sustained recovery plan. ‘Recycling’ of clients for monetary purpose prohibited in Health City, so where clear recovery is not gained within the agreed paid sessions, onward referral to other specialist care


To build a good home, we require a plan drew with help of an architect. For our wellbeing we require a Wellbeing Care Plan that reviewed our present situation and build goals to take us into our future.  We will educate and help families produce a wellbeing road map for themselves, which is a Health Plan, a Financial Plan or a Legal plan or a combination that looked at the pass, the present and the predicted future. The corner stone or foundational rock of any family wellbeing plan is to protect against the risk of collapse or loss of the family’s breadwinner’s health and source of income.

Entrepreneurship, Create and Protect Jobs for Families.

We believe that when families acquire sufficient, additional or passive sources of  income (i.e. if they had none or less before the onset of their health problem), then:
§  Financial anxiety is less going to be a trigger, contributory or maintaining factor in the health problem they presented.

§  They will be less anxious of how to pay their bills and provide for the needs of their children and themselves if they leave unhappy jobs. They will feel confident to negotiate: salaries or fees worth their skills; respect; and positive work environment in return for loyalty, excellent performance and less sickness absenteeism.


Health City has made a number of solid  and strategic family wellbeing partnerships to accelerate, and sustain, our operations.