Our talking treatments help you to change ‘unhelpful patterns’ of beliefs, thinking, feelings and behaviours.
Psychological Assessments. Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Coaching, Complementary Therapy, Family Wellbeing Support, Parenting Help. Supervision, Training and Support Services to Professionals.

Therapy for Your Inner Wellbeing

  • Empowers you to overcome negative energies/feelings and thoughts, public speaking or driving anxiety

  • Rejuvenates your inner self to win sports, improve management and leadership

  • Helps you in setting and normalizing life if you have been through major change in life e.g. going and settling abroador starting a new job, school, marriage, family etc.

Therapy for Families

Be it parents, kids and other family members. Therapy for families will help:

  • A rebirth of a positive human being from an abused/neglected child

  • Safely pass adolescence, recover from childhood trauma, stay in bad company, illness, etc.

  • Re-build bonds between nest members (families) who have turned into diversion and needed unification force

Psychological Rehabilitation

  • Return to the joy of life, instead of depression, anxiety, trauma, anxiety, driving, panic.

  • Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Restoration of a healthy lifestyle after person or eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse

Complementary or Alternative Therapy

  • Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Relaxation techniques, Reflexology to help alleviate the emotions and symptoms (e.g. pain, sleep anxiety’) that accompany the diagnosis and treatment of some illnesses

  • Acupuncture for Tension Headaches and Chronic Low Back Pain


  • Psychological, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)

  • Cognitive/ Neuropsychological, Medico-legal.

  • Learning Difficulties, Personality, and Psychiatric assessments.

Supervision, Training and Support services for professionals

  • Clinical supervision to help you better help your talking therapy clients/patients.

  • Supervision and Accreditation Support to be Registered with and accredited by a UK Professional Body.

Psychological Treatments/ Coaching Courses

  • Difficult emotions, trauma, complex pathologies, mindfulness, neurology, third wave methods (CBT, DBT, ACT, CFT).

  • Clinical hypnosis, memory processing (EMDR). Psychological Management of long term physical health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, etc.

We can help you select the appropriate for you treatment regarding specialized consultant (including nationality and religion if it is important for you), intensity, number and type of sessions (face to face, Skype, live chat, telephone, or Online).
We guarantee the safety of personal information. Earn new colors of life!


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