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98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported satisfaction and good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. 






Family Wellbeing Research And Therapy- A Peer Reviewed Journal.

For professionals and families to read, contribute or get published. Click to read

I’m Alive’ Family Stories Magazine, Book and App Series

  • Adult Series for adults to use contribute or get published. Click to read
  • Children Series for children to use contribute or get published.
  • Young People Series for young people to use contribute or get published. ‘Me-Too-Bullied’ Forum Click to read.


For the public to publish and share local, national and global ideas related to and relevant to families and wellbeing. Click to read

Family Film Series

For children, young people, and family adults to watch or contribute to.  Click to watch/read

Family Wellbeing Annual Conference 

An international event to review, promote and exhibit family wellbeing arts, research, and resources.  Contact us for details.

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