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98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported satisfaction and good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. 






Addictions, OCD or Lying:

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Avoidance or Phobia/Fear of

Anger, irritable mood, and challenging behaviours causing stress and distress around.

Cross-cultural or faith related wellbeing issues

Depression or Low mood

Eating, weight, or body image issues

Family issues

Trauma, abuse and PTSD

Grief/bereavement and loss.

Emotional problems induced by financial (e.g. debt), housing or legal situations/needs.

Indecision or procrastination.

Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Low/no life meaning and purpose or a sense of drift

Mild schizophrenia

Parents and children in distress

Personality issues

Stress for exposure to own or someone’s stress

Physical pain or conditions

Pregnancy related-occupational and psychological issues

Migrants, refugees and business men and women adjustment and transitional issues

Re-offending issues

Relationship Issues

School, occupational and business people’s wellbeing issues, and Employee Assisted Programmes (EAP)


Sleeping problems

Stress and Anxiety