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98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported satisfaction and good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. 






INSURANCE IS PAYING THE FEE. We work with almost all the healthcare insurers.

You are an Insurance client, so you are not paying the fees advertised on this form. When the relevant Payment Method 2 section of the Booking Form opens, please do fill the information requested. If you require assistance with the booking or claim from your Insurance firm, please contact us: or phone 03338003006 or 0333 789 0012 with your full names, your address with full postcode, name of your Insurer, your Insurance Policy Number, your Authorisation Number from your Insurer, the number of sessions authorised by your Insurer (if known), and the  health problem/issue you require support.Services can be paid via all health insurance firms.

Note: If you like to be treated by a particular or named professional, then Contact Us before completing this Booking Form. This is because it is only some of our professionals who accept the fee caps and restrictions of Aetna claims, Vitality, BUPA UK, AXA, Cigna International/Global, and SimplyHealth.