Promotional Offer of annual saving £10,560 -Value for Money Counselling, Coaching and Psychological Services for staff.

Dear Madam/Sir

We like to and wants you to advise us how we can become the sole provider or Join your List of Suppliers of Counselling, Coaching and Psychological Services or Employee Assistance Programme for mental health.

Health City (www.healthcity.org.uk) is a Healthcare Social Enterprise with main clinics at Canary Wharf and London Bridge and satellite services across London and other parts of the UK. One of Our Key Missions is to help Families and
individuals attain Psychological wellbeing to stay happily and safely.

We already provide (face to face, Online or phone) health and wellbeing services to a range of individual clients and organizations and/or their immediate family members across the NHS, banking sector, social services, diplomatic community, Insurance sector, management sector, community sector etc.

We can offer either bulk purchase discounted fees or individual purchase discounted fees to your organization.


If you prefer to set a specific budget aside or to have a specific number of Counselling sessions per year for employees, then consider this Bulk Purchase option. We help you to save money by offering your organization 6.6% discount on the
annual bulk fee you may be currently paying to third parties. Why going through third parties when you can directly use the frontline providers like Health City? *Example, with Health City you may make a saving of £10,560 if you are currently paying another provider £160,000 annually for staff counseling services or EAP Counselling Services.

If you don’t like the bulk 6.6% discounted fee, you may opt for a flexible purchase of individual sessions for staff on a need basis. You only pay for the sessions your staff used. Counseling or therapy can  be delivered to staff by one of our
professionally trained and vetted:

Consultants- our standard fee is £150 per 50 minutes. You pay £140

Specialists- our standard fee is £115 per 50 minutes. You pay £105

Seniors- our standard fee is £75 per 50 minutes. You pay £70

Juniors- our standard fee is £45 per 50 minutes. You pay £40

We can offer good quality outcomes and risk management, as well as, value for money discounted fees to your
organization because we are:

• using our own facilities and a team of Counsellors, Psychotherapists, and Psychologists (Click here to see few of our members);
• helping you to delete the ‘middle person’ cost;
• not accruing many overhead costs;
• re-investing some of our income into offering better clinical services
for our clients and the community.

We wait to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Theresa Seikegba
Business Development Manager
Health City
Davenport House
16 Pepper Street,
Glengall Bridge
Canary Wharf London
E14 9RP
United Kingdom Tel:
03338003006, 03337890012.

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