Immigrant Families: A Family Cognitive Behavioural Model of Parenting
April 23, 2018
A clash of values: the influence of core beliefs and community values on young people choices in immigrant families
April 23, 2018
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Coercive parenting and coercive child hooding

Without the psychological awareness of the risk or actual damage to the child, a parent with intended good motive may engage in excessive and sometimes desperate emotional protection and physical discipline. Coercive parenting (CP) ‘refers to parenting by domination, intimidation, or humiliation to force children to behave according to unrealistic norms set by parents’(Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013). Coercive parenting (CP) is a parent’s attempt to protect the child against the above behaviours. The parents then get a ‘shocking’ realisation that they cannot raise their children the way they want. This is due to a fear of being accused of, or misinterpreted as ‘a child abuser’ by the children themselves, and child protection groups such as Social Services, professionals and schools. These parents may not understand that their children may be struggling with dual conflicting cultures (as they the parents struggle with their own dual cultures). Furthermore, these parents may not be familiar with their own core beliefs on disciplinary parenting.

The older children may end up feeling resentful towards the parent who is using coercive parenting.

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