Health City is an occupationally and family focused Healthcare Social Enterprise. Our Mission is to help you attain Emotional, Physical, Financial, Housing and Legal wellbeing to stay happily and safely at home and in workplace.


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98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported satisfaction and good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. 






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Outcomes and Feedback

People who have benefitted and satisfied with our services included adults, children, families, medical doctor, lawyers, professionals, diplomats, Political and business leaders, the military, faith leaders, etc.

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Managing employees and other resources could be a daunting challenge. This is why we are here to offer you a helping hand when you most need it.

What we offer?


Improved employees’ wellbeing means good business outcomes.

From anxiety and depression in the workplace to crisis management, we are here to help. As clinicians in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and also in Private Practice, we are best suited than third parties’ contracting EAP Providers to care for the mental well-being of your employees. We help your business to be at its best by offering your staff early intervention to prevent or reduce small issues at work or at home that may be impacting on their performance becoming sick absence and high production costs.

Don’t ignore the research findings at the peril of your staff and organization:

  • 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem (Mental Health Foundation, 2015).
  • Estimated £70 billion annual lost due to workplace mental health issues (OECD research 2014). Read More


We can help you select the appropriate for your treatment or service regarding specialized consultants (including nationality and religion if it is important for you), level of intensity of treatment or services, number, and type of sessions (face to face, Skype, live chat, telephone, or Online).
We guarantee the safety of personal information. Earn new colors of life!


What clients say about us.

Melanie Portman, housewife
George Griffin, insurance manager
Robert and Alicia Jones, shopkeepers ”Sock Shop”
Thank you for helping my daughter Samantha to go adolescence, to recover from the unsuccessful attempts to find friends and the bad companies. Through therapeutic support, my daughter and I trust and support each other. Samantha has friends and they have a very good relationship, my daughter, do not use and does not involve in illicit affairs
My wife wrote down my leadership courses. I treated them fairly skeptical. But I must admit, I liked the methods and attitude of Health City. I can say that has left some children's fears and complexes and now I can be more confident and efficient at home and at work.
Our family wants to thank Dr. Smith for their concern and support. He helped us to restore normal life after moving and changing jobs. Children could join the new team at the school and to make friends. We could hardly use this time to live so quietly and smoothly without his help.


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Services operate Monday to Saturday. Canary Wharf Reception Service opens to visitors 9 am to 5.30pm. Phone calls 8.30am to 9 pm. Pre-booked services delivered 24 hours face to face, Skype, live chat, telephone, or Online.